Activities for SCROLL

Teaching Tips for Educators and Parents

Educators and parents, join us in exploring the enchanting world of Scroll, transforming learning into a captivating adventure! Click below to access the Teaching Tips crafted by Little, Brown, along with other printable activities! 

Download PDF Teaching Tips created by Little, Brown

Create Picture With Chinese Characters

In Scroll, Lulu and Dumpling stepped into a whimsical world where everything is a Chinese character. In this activity, we’ll have students draw, snip, and collage using these Chinese characters, crafting their very own "painting" full of fun and creativity, and make language their playground! 

Chinese Character Learning Flashcards

Inside this document, you will learn 22 fun Chinese characters featured in Scroll. Simply cut out the provided boxes, fold them in half, and then glue the two sides together to create your own set of flashcards. Each card showcases an initial version of a Chinese character. On the reverse side, you will find the modern way of writing this character, its pronunciation, and its English meaning. Enjoy the interactive experience of exploring these characters! 

Lesson Idea: Invent Your Very Own Pictographic Language! 

Get ready for some creative fun! Here's a cool idea: students will draw a bunch of simple objects, and then we'll take those drawings and transform them into their very own unique pictographic language. Get ready to dive into imagination and art!

Download PDF Instruction 

Carve Your Very Own Name Chop

Creating traditional Chinese chops is a special and super fun experience. In this activity, students will have the chance to design and carve their own name chops. It's completely safe for kids as we'll use basic materials like an eraser and an old gel pen/ballpoint pen. Get ready for a fantastic time crafting our very own unique chops!