Written by Andi Diehn, illustrations in watercolor

Nomad Press

This is the first set of books I illustrated. My style have changed significantly since then. Illustrating this set of book has been a really fun learning experience. Working with editors back and forth, drafting, revising and rendering; the first time I turn my ideas into illustration, making sure that they are both fun and scientifically accurate.

My background in science helped me to better understand the subjects and interpret them in a way that children will do. I had always hoped that I can bring kids the fascinating world of science to kids through my pen and brushes, and this set of books is the beginning of this journey.

"Visually stimulating, detailed illustrations make this an excellent choice as a read aloud for younger children."

"In this nonfiction picture book, children are introduced to physical science through detailed illustrations paired with a compelling narrative that uses fun language to convey familiar examples of real-world science connections"